creative coaching

Open Creativity Coaches work with the client looking to do something creative but is not sure of the what. Clients have painted, written, crafted, or performed in the past, but can’t find the time or motivation lately. Creativity Coaching does for the inspiration what a personal trainer does for the workout. We provide the opportunity to move beyond whatever is stopping clients from taking their creative dreams and goals to the next level. Creativity Coaching can be the nurturing support needed to prepare for a single audition or to create an entire body of work. Our coaches have worked with visual artists, actors, and writers. We have much experience with people going through divorce or recovering from a loss, who found that deepening their relationship with their artist selves eased the transition.



Our coaching relationship begins with one simple session lasting 60 minutes. When coaching is the right fit, most clients start out with weekly sessions, then graduate to fewer and fewer sessions until coaching is complete.

$45.00 per 30 minute session

$80.00 per 60 minute session

3 pre-paid 1 hour sessions – $225.00 ($75 per session)

6 pre-paid 1 hour sessions – $420.00 ($70 per session)