Meditation clarifies the mind, opens the heart and encourages a spiritual path. By strengthening mindfulness and producing inner stillness, this ancient practice can also dramatically enhance the way every day life is experienced.

Learn basic principles and practices of meditation. Focus your attention, gain self-awareness, find inner stillness, and experience the benefits of meditation. No previous experience necessary, no props required.

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Private or semi Private Guided  Meditation Sessions:

One-on-one or small group guided mediation will help to create a focused awareness in which the chatter in your head gives way to inner peace and stillness and help reduce the stress in your life.  Through this process you will discover how to let go and enter a state of deep relaxation. As you find new peace of mind you will become both mentally and physically revitalized



maximum driving time of 15 minutes from the Mayfaire area:

1 60 minute session $135

4 60 minute sessions pre-paid $500.00

8 60 minute sessions  $950.00