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Open Studio promotes physical and mental wellness through the practice of yoga, an ancient yet accessible method of bringing calm and connection to our lives, promoting both physical and mental well-being. Open Studio offers a variety of yoga classes in an unconditionally supportive environment. While foundationally based in vinyasa flow, our instructors bring their own unique flair to classes, drawing from their trainings, vast and varied experience, and yogic distinctive philosophies.  With each practice session find yourself in an ever-changing and evolving discovery.  Open to challenge yourself; see into the self through Asana and Pranayama in order to actualize great potential.  Room temperature determined by student body and outside climate.

Are you tired of practicing the same old set Yoga sequences elsewhere? Do you find yourself feeling sore after class rather than energized and strong?  Try an Open Studio Yoga class and experience the difference for yourself.  We cater to the individual, bringing personalized attention to each and every student.



Vinyasa Foundations/Basics-all levels:

A class designed for beginners and those students who may be looking for a refresher practice. In order for the student to build a sound yoga foundation, detoxify and open the body, emphasis is placed on proper alignment. Options are shown to modify poses to suit all fitness levels.


A rigorous, empowering flow for the practitioner who desires a challenge. This class revolves around various sequences of poses that flow from one to another while focusing on breath. Come challenge your body, free your mind and detoxify.

Slo-Flow Vinyasa-all levels:

The empowering sequencing of our beloved vinyasa class slowed way down and held for a bit longer. Delve deeper into the yummy, bendy, stretchy aspects of your favorite poses.

Gentle-all levels:

The perfect class for those new to yoga or for regular practitioners who need to balance out that hectic lifestyle.  This class includes a meditative slow flow of heart warming stretches and soul restoring rejuvenating poses.

Kundalini & Vinyasa Blend -all levels:

Combining Kundalini-inspired kriyas and an energetic asana flow, this class will help students align with inner resources of energy that will last all day, leaving them feeling centered and calm, yet energized.  Practiced over time, This class can build strength AND flexibility, helping those who practice to feel more at home in their bodies, and more empowered to live well!!

Intermediate/Advanced Therapeutic Asana:

Hold, flow, and deepen.  Expect to find advanced asana (posture), challenging transitions, arm balancing and inversions. Build on postures already in your repertoire and expand your regular practice by learning new variations to build strength and flexibility and to experience deeper aspects of asana.  In this advanced led practice students will learn to activate therapeutic principles, which will guide them securely  through  gateways of freedom. Expect to build integrated flexibility and strength into the body and mind.   With deep awareness participants will enter wisely into advanced asanas and perhaps create some original poses of their own. Expect to be challenged, delighted, and replenished.

Aerial Yoga:

Catch the wave; a new type of Yoga that combines Yoga Asanas with movements done in silks suspended from the ceiling. The physicality of training on any aerial apparatus complements the physicality of the Yoga Asanas – shoulders are stabilized while being stretched, core abdominal muscles can be strengthened and spinal flexibility becomes comfortable to explore.

Aerial Silks:

Aerial silks uses two pieces of fabric rigged from the ceiling. Students will learn climbs, locks, and poses in a safe environment with an experienced instructor. Aerial silks is an entire body workout developing muscles in the arms, back, legs, core, etc. Maximum student capacity; 6 students per session. $25.00 per student per class

Please remove all jewelry prior to class and wear snug fitting clothing covering the legs and armpits.

Vinyasa & Vino

Vinyasa & Vino blends the revitalizing practice of yoga with the heart and soul of sensory experiences.
Feel physically invigorated as you move, balance, stretch and relax to the sounds of flowing music. Get emotionally grounded as we bring you through a guided visualization during savasana. This one hour asana class leads us to wine & other treats; introducing new tastes and smells to illuminate the palate.
 Our goal is to  promote healthy lifestyle practices combining yoga, taste, smell, sight, touch and sound.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages will be available
  • Participants must be 21 or older to remain in the studio after practice
  • This is not a sales event for Open, we do not sell or promote alcoholic beverages.


Our Community Classes provide an opportunity for everyone to experience yoga or barre. Similar to our All Levels Vinyasa, or a Barre Fit class Community Classes are offered at the  cost of $5. Community Classes are often instructed by our newest teachers so feedback from students is always encouraged.



An invitation for those who seek healing, pain relief, and balance through a therapeutic approach to yoga- and anyone who wants a release from the immobilizing forces of chronic stress.  Work proactively toward restoring peace to the mind and body.

Yoga is an effective, therapeutic way to follow precise universal and sound biomechanical principals of alignment. AYT, Assimilated Yoga Therapeutics, deepens awareness of the body’s connective – structural relationships to discover and deal with the pathways that lead to physical pain and discomfort.  Relief from common injuries such as neck and shoulder pain, knee misalignment, sacral and lower back pain, tendonitis and much more.  Find out how to begin the healing process and live without chronic pain and tension.

AYT combines the philosophies and principles of both Eastern and Western healing systems.  The intricate mind / body system that includes the nervous system, immune system, emotional body, and pain modulation pathways is explored and dealt with in a logical, easy to understand way. AYT assists clients and students in understanding and accessing this system as a powerful vehicle to growth and healing. Encompassing the innovative and effective tools that yoga has to offer (including active, alignment-based, mindful asana practice, therapeutic Asana stretches, breathwork, meditation, and restorative postures), Assimilated Yoga Therapeutics helps us learn about, guide, and ultimately fine-tune the interplay between mind and body, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic manifestations of illness, imbalance, and disease.

Through the use of props, AYT delves into some of the body’s primary “holding areas” with compassion and playfulness. It accesses contracted or tight spaces in the body, promoting whole body wellness, and facilitating mental and emotional release.

Private sessions and small group classes now offered only at Open Studio. Please call or email to schedule your appointment today




Barre Fit:

Barre-fit is one of the most effective ways to change the shape of your body.  Using isometric movements that combine Pilates, strength training, and yoga, coupled with ballet barre flexibility routine, Barre-fit targets all major muscle groups for an invigorating total body workout. Open Studio Barre-fit classes use deliberate strength and stretching techniques to reshape bodies and challenge even the strongest of athletes. The overall promise is to create long and lean muscles without bulk.

 Barre Fusion:

A rigorous, fast paced sculpting class integrating the use of the ballet Barre, light weights, bands, and balls with yoga flow sequencing and stretching.


An extremely powerful energy-building practice, a gentle form of qigong, perfect for anyone new to this ancient healing process. It is easy to do, and easy to remember, with great health and energy benefits.






(60 minutes, $75.00-$125.00) Not every body should be treated the same. Work individually with one of our certified highly qualified instructors to deepen and strengthen the individual practice. Focus of sessions will be based on level and needs of each student. Package of 3 sessions available at a $25 discount.


(60 minutes) Share yoga with a small group of friends or co-workers. Celebrate a special occasion in our studio or have one of our certified instructors come to you. For 2-5 students in studio, $90.00.  6 or more $120.00. Off site travel charge additional $25.00


(60 minutes, $40.00) Join us at the beach.  With individualized attention, ocean therapy is an exciting challenge.  This is an exhilarating workout to strengthen your overall fitness level. Improve your cardiovascular strength, muscle tone and flexibility, while decreasing joint and back pain. No advanced swimming skills necessary.




All kids yoga classes are pre-registration only.  Sessions run 6 weeks, payment of $48.00 per child due prior to start of first class

Yo-yo Yoga for Little Ones:

(1.5-3 yrs. with parent/caretaker, 55 minutes) A great introduction at a young age can go a long way.  An exciting and FUN way for to stimulate that imagination while releasing some energy. Songs, games, and stories are all part of the experience. Not only is this class great for building strength and maintaining flexibility in a child’s growing muscles, it will also help to improve every child’s balance, focus and coordination. Children will also be taught how to calm and relax their bodies using simple meditation techniques and breath awareness.

Yoga for Preschoolers:

(Ages: 3.5-5 yrs, 55 minutes) Integrate in a playful and age appropriate way, physical and mental activities that will bring a strong foundation of health on all levels. Children will expand their awareness and self-control and nurture their self-esteem as they learn to move gracefully, breathe smoothly and deeply, and sustain focus and concentration.

Yes to Yoga:

(Ages: 6-9yrs, 55 minutes) Emphasize coordination, concentration and balance.  Gaining respect themselves and others, while having a great time building strength and flexibility students will explore standing balances, arm balances and inversions to develop confidence in a non-competitive environment. We will use a variety of fun games and partner stretches to encourage kids to work together cooperatively. Oh yes they can!

Totally Tween Yoga:

(Ages: 10-13, 55 minutes) A variation of Yes to Yoga for the slightly older pre-teen crowd.